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Soulful Spirit Studio is teaching classes at:
The Whidbey Island Gem Gallery
206 First Street Langley WA.
Coming this Spring!
Check back for dates and times.

Introduction to Crystals

This introductory class will teach you about Rocks, Crystals and Gemstones. Their differences and their unique vibrations. We will cover the care and cleaning of crystals and learn about the top 10 healing crystals.


More about Crystals

This class is the second in the series of learning about Rocks, Crystals and Gemstones. This class will cover 10 different healing crystals not covered in the Introductory to Crystals course. You will also learn how to use a powerful energy tool....The Pendulum!


Introduction to Chakras and their Crystals

This class will introduce you to Chakras, the concentrated energy centers of the body. What are the Crystals associated with our Chakras? How do we balance them and the energy tools to work with them.


Crystals and Aromatherapy

Come join us for this introductory class about Crystals and their corresponding Essential Oils. Which combinations work together? We will touch on the top 9 Essential oils and the crystals that work with them.

Raise your Vibration with ROCKS!

This class will teach you how to raise your Vibration with Rocks and Crystals. When our Vibration is raised we have a more balanced Mind, Body and Spirit. Come learn simple ways to calm yourself in a stressful world!


Crystal Grids

Super fun introductory class on Crystal Grids! WHAT IS A CRYSTAL GRID? It is a pattern, created using multiple crystals, that is designed to amplify your intention. Come create your own grid in class.

All classes are 60 minutes long. Each class will have 30 minutes to shop the store after class and ask individual questions of the instructor. All classes will receive 20% off store purchases only at the time of the class.

Limit 10 per class

Open to Adults and children over the age of 12

This is a hands on class so please no babes in arms.

No food. Covered cups allowed.


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